KlubHaus Korner

In 1914, the German American Bank built a new building in the traditional German community of Helenville. Subsequent bank management served Helenville until 2017. But both the economy and Helenville have changed. Our survey identified a new role for the property, "A place for quiet conversation in the mornings, like a coffee shop."


In order to respond to this request, we explored the zoning and building code related to offering support for a "coffee club." In September, 2020, we received zoning approval for a clubhouse. It's only natural that we rename the corner property to  "KlubHaus Korner" in order to reflect the German heritage of the site.

Coffee clubs in Germany were common centuries ago, when coffee was first introduced to Europe from Africa. Reflecting that tradition, a morning-only Kaffeeklatsch Club could anchor a number of clubs. Other clubs may wish to use the property other times of the day for more formal meetings. And clubs may like to use the property, both inside and outside, for raising funds. Our role is to investigate requests from clubs as opportunities arise. 

Finding Community

"Finding Community" is a project undertaken by KlubHaus Korner. As new owners, we need to explore how best to serve our future customers, i.e. club members.

Who are members of the Helenville community? Are they only the 200+ people who actually reside in Helenville?  Where do people shop for groceries, find healthcare, commute for employment and go for recreation? What services might KlubHaus provide? 

Helenville and Surrounds 2May.png

Voting Map Proposals

"Voting Maps for Jefferson County" is a project that collects community maps and redistricting proposals that relate to Jefferson County, WI. Independent "swing voters," Republicans and Democrats who are serious about voting will all find something to love or hate about each map proposal on the list. These include community maps, WI Congressional Districts Proposals, WI State Senate Districts Proposals and WI State Assembly Districts Proposals.

Christmas Parade

We first met with the Helenville Christmas Parade Committee in Oct, 2019. The Committee related then that the parking lot on our property had been used for spectator parking by people with disabilities. During the 2019 parade, we observed two cars for disabled arrive in the parking lot. For 2020, in the new parking lot plan, we will reserve a similar number of parking spots for the disabled. However, we would like to expand seating opportunities for both enjoying the new gardens and watching the Parade. Any ideas?


Property Management​

Fortunately, the property was significantly updated in 2002, when a new addition was added to the 1914 building. Seventeen years later, more updates are advisable. The northwest corner of the building is beginning to settle, probably because too much water collects in that part of the property. Excavation in the rear of the building is planned to reinforce and seal the northwest corner, as well as improve water drainage. At the same time, plumbing from the building interior to the septic holding tank will be updated. Excavation will be topped off with a new patio. Eventually, new restrooms will be added under the parking lot roof canopy, and a new gardens will be created in the parking lot.