Cambridge Project

The Cambridge Project differed from the Whitewater Project in that I was asked to interview people in Cambridge and create their map for them. The main interview location was a wonderful coffee shop named Common House in a small galleria. The key topics discussed related to the location of the Village of Cambridge on the Dane/Jefferson County Border.

Of most concern is the school district situation. Both the administrative offices of the school district and the high school are located in the Jefferson County side of the Village. In addition, most of the money to pay for the school district comes from more expensive Lake Ripley property in Jefferson County. However, most of the residents within the Village of Cambridge borders live in Dane County. The key to proper representation is for WI State Senate and Assembly Districts not to split the Cambridge School District, even though the school district is split between Dane and Jefferson Counties. In that way, the Cambridge School District will only be represented by one Senate representative and one Assembly representative.

This is the link to the Cambridge interactive map. Below is a copy of the Cambridge Community of Interest Map:

Cambridge COI.png