About Us

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Born in Wisconsin

Worked in Wisconsin

Migrated to Atlanta

& Retired in Helenville

Born Daniel Russler and JoAnn Newman, both of us have family roots in German rural Wisconsin. However, life has been a journey.


We grew up in Milwaukee County, met for the first time in Oconomowoc, received our professional education in Madison, and began our family in Lodi.

From Lodi, we were recruited to Atlanta. Our first grandchild drew us to Mexico. And now we are happily retired in Helenville. We work on our many retirement projects, especially a clubhouse for Helenville called KlubHaus Korner. Below, we each tell our stories.


Dan Russler

Projects are my life.

Through projects, I get to collaborate with other people, to interact and enjoy their personalities. Projects allow me to wake up in the morning with the thought of a pleasant day and too fall asleep at night reviewing what I learned.

My hope is that the KlubHaus Korner project will allow me to work with club members, to find ways of solving problems and create opportunities. And simply enjoy being with people, working with people and seeing their happiness evolve.


JoAnn Newman Russler

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